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My professional whitewater experience dates back to 1988, when I first leapt into the world of rafting and kayaking as a river guide in Québec. Naturally, after all these years, I have acquired a solid experience and a vast knowledge of river disciplines. But mostly, I have encountered extraordinary people for whom kayaking represents a lot more than a simple weekend sport. For these paddle enthusiasts, kayaking has become a way of life that allows them to escape and be in harmony with nature.

As the years go by, my tremendous passion for kayaking has yet to subside. Each winter, I long for "big water", right after the spring thaw - when river levels are at their highest peak. I dream of ecstatic rides down the river - my heart skipping a beat, my reflexes on alert, intoxicated by the moment... It is this amazing passion that I want to share with you.

There are those, like me, who are attracted by the "extreme" side of kayaking and dream of measuring themselves against the elements in a phenomenal adrenaline rush. And there are those who are newcomers, searching for a refreshing activity that will allow them to admire the scenery while paddling slowly along the river banks. We invite all to paddle through our web site where you may not only discover a remarkable sport, but you might even catch the bug.

Bruno Vanasse

Director and founder of ABV Kayak et Excursions

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Rouge River

"La Rouge", as the locals call it, is known to be a white water playground that never ceases to amaze. The river consists of a variety of class l to VI white water, sandy beaches, and wilderness that are elemental to providing some of the best kayaking in Québec. Our school is located between the two most interesting white water sections, namely "The Canyon" and the "Seven Sisters".

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