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Kayak School

Level 4 - River independence


This advanced course is for kayakers with a reliable white-water roll who can easily run class II and III rapids. Day one concentrates on improving the candidate's manoeuvres and on raising his or her skill level to the point where they can attempt a class III and IV run under supervision. The day starts with a theoretical overview of white-water reading skills, and then we review all our techniques as they apply to manoeuvring through a class III and IV rapids. Scouting is next followed with a run through a river section comprising class I to class IV rapids. If time permits, play techniques such as surfing and cartwheeling close out the first day. The second day teaches the candidate leadership skills for use in participating in a group of kayakers running a river. You'll learn different rescue techniques such as; identifying dangers and knowing how to avoid them and the proper use of a throw-line to ensure a safe run for an entire group, all while descending class II, III and IV white water. If time permits, an advanced rolling clinic (right, left and deck roll) closes out the second day of this fun course.

This course includes :

    • 5 hours lesson per day
    • Equipment (kayak, skirt, paddle, helmet and lifejacket).
    • Wetsuit before june 21st
    • A certified instructor.
    • Shuttle transportation to and from the river (if required).
    • 2 nights camping

Price :

    • 209 $ per person
    • Maximum 6 students per group.
    • Duration: 2 days
    • Prerequisite: Have completed the Level 3 course or have a good command of basic techniques. Read the terms and condition.
    • Prices per person plus taxes. Prices subject to change without notice
    • No meals

    Services offered at ABV kayak and excursions.