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Kayak School

Level 2 - Introduction to white water


This course is made for beginner kayakers who have already mastered the basics, or for those that have followed the Beginner I course with ABV Kayak et excursions. Part of the morning is reserved for introductory subjects such as; navigation: reading white water, hydrodynamics, white-water recognition, and finally running a class I / II white-water. Later, you will be introduced to white-water maneuvers such as; ferrying, peal outs, and eddy IN's. In addition you will learn different security principles like; self rescue and river signaling.

This course includes :

    • 5 hours of lesson.
    • Equipment (kayak, skirt, paddle, helmet and lifejacket).
    • Wetsuit before june 21st
    • A cetified instructor.
    • Shuttle transportation to and from the river (if required).

Price :

    • 109 $ / pers
    • Maximum 6 students per group.
    • Duration: 1 day
    • Prerequisite:  level 1 course and to read the terms and conditions.
    • Prices per person plus taxes. Prices subject to change without notice.
    • No meals

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