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About SUP


Stand up paddling, also known as SUP, is a nautical sport where the practitioner stands up on a board longer than a conventional surfboard, propelling themselves with the aid of a paddle.

This sport was born in the 1960s in Hawaii, but was soon overtaken by the arrival of short boards. It returned to the forefront at a competition in Hawaii again, organized in 2004. Since then, this discipline is developing little by little, and it is not uncommon on some surf spots, when the waves remain small, to see a SUP evolve. In recent years, a dedicated section has been formed within the Canadian Paddle Federation (Paddle Canada). In our country, the competitions and regulation of this sport depend on this federation.

Accessible to all, it can be practiced in calm water, in white water and in the sea. One can do surfing, exploring, yoga, training, fishing and more!

It is also a great way to do a complete physical training that strengthens the whole body. It is the alliance between the action of rowing while maintaining the balance which makes it an absolutely formidable exercise to improve one's fitness!

This is why we are pleased to present our 4-part course program, adapted to all ages without exception.

We invite you to visit our website to find out more. Bon voyage!

Bruno Vanasse

Director and founder of SUP Rivière Rouge

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Rouge River

"La Rouge", as the locals call it, is known to be a white water playground that never ceases to amaze. The river consists of a variety of class l to VI white water, sandy beaches, and wilderness that are elemental to providing some of the best SUP in Québec. Our school is located between the two most interesting white water sections, namely "The Canyon" and the "Seven Sisters".

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