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SUP School

The TRIO - Lenght : 8-10 hours


This class allows participants to increase their whitewater knowledge with various activities in class 2 rapids. By building on acquired skills, the participants will be able to identify the best passages during a descent and spot the good surf waves. Pleasure guaranteed!

This course includes :

    • 8-10 hours of lessons
    • Bell's water fall tou
    • One, 7 km descent on the Rouge River
    • Equipment (paddle board, paddle, helmet and lifejacket)
    • Wetsuit before june 21st
    • A certified instructor
    • Shuttle transportation to and from the river (if required)

Price :

    • 209$ per person
    • Maximum of 6 participants per group
    • Prerequisites : none

Services offered at ABV kayak and excursions.