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Why choose ABV?

When selecting a kayak school, you need to be as informed as possible. In order to avoid disappointment and unexpected surprises, please consult the following list of questions before booking an introductory whitewater kayaking course:

  • Is the school accredited by the Fédération Québécoise de Canoë Kayak d'Eau Vive?
  • Are your instructors certified?
  • How many of the instructors are level 2 and level 3 instructors?
  • How far is the school from the teaching site?
  • Is shuttle transport required to reach the teaching site?
  • Does your school have permission from local land owners to access the river from thier property?
  • Is there a base camp at the river or is the school a travelling show?
  • Does the school have permission from the local landowners to access the teaching site?
  • How well planned and maintained is the campground?
  • Are camping fees included in the course?
  • Are wetsuit rentals included in the course?
  • Will you actually be going downriver during the lesson?
  • Are safety protocols observed during a river run?

Our experience and professionalism make us the best whitewater kayak school in Québec!

Aside from offering kayaking lessons, ABV KAYAK is also an FQCKEV accredited training center for whitewater kayak instructors. Every season our level 3 instuctors give FQCKEV accredited clinics and train Québec's new instructors. ABV staffs three level 3 instructors to ensure continuous improvement, and quality of intruction for over 25 level 2 instructors all staffed exclusively with ABV KAYAK.

All of ABV KAYAK's instructors receive additional training such as; river guide training and swift-water rescue - Sauvetage en Eau Vive. In addition, all our instructors are trained in first aid and CPR.

As ABV KAYAK is located on the shores of the Rouge River, our courses take place on the spot. Our efforts to maintain good relations with the local landowners has provided us with agreements which ensure exclusive access to the best teaching rapids on the Rouge river.

We appreciate how important peace and quiet can be for you at ABV KAYAK. Our wilderness camping sites allow you to rest and recharge in complete privacy.

Services offered at ABV kayak and excursions.