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Our base camp is located in the beautiful Rouge River valley, approximately an hour's drive from Montreal and Ottawa. Our kayaking season runs from May to October, allowing you to observe nature's manifestations from spring till autumn. River kayaking, SUP, paintball, expeditions, equipment rental, camping and much more are awaiting. Explore our website to discover more and we hope to see you soon on the water with us!

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Kayak school

ABV KAYAK is a whitewater kayaking school. Our mission is to provide high quality instruction for beginner, intermediate and advanced nkayakers with certified instructors at affordable prices. We maintain a nlow instructor to student ratio to ensure each student receives the namount of personal attention they need to improve their skills.


ABV KAYAK has become a reference center for river kayaking and expeditions in Quebec. Our school is officially recognized by the Fédération québécoise de Canoé-Kayak d'eau vive and we are affiliated with the Société de Sauvetage. Our expertise allows us to offer you several courses in whitewater. Ask about available dates and what is included.

SUP Classes

Enter the world of SUP Rivière Rouge! We are pleased to present you our 4-part program which adapts to all. We focus on small group classes, no more than six students for one instructor.



Kayak and rafting

Services offered at ABV kayak and excursions.