Broadback river

Welcome to the REAL NORTH! Located in Northern Quebec, the Broadback River criss-crosses the Cree territory of the Waskaganish community. This locality, also known as Fort Rupert, was originally the very first trading post erected by Pierre-Esprit Radisson and Médart Chouart, Sieur Des Groseillers in 1668. It offers to those who venture there in kayak or rafting dazzling landscapes, fauna and flora of the taiga forest and spectacular rapids. At 435 km long, this river takes its source at Lake Troïlus, crosses the zone of the great lakes Quénomisca and Evans to end its journey in the Bay of Rupert. The crees call it "Chistamiskau Sipi" or deep river and "Matauchun Sipi", river where the water goes in different directions. The Broadback is accessible to everyone. It will allow you to live six days of intoxicating adventures, enjoy walleye and northern pike fishing and recharge your batteries in the wonderful campsites that offer this 73 km route. Perharps you will get to observe caribou and moose during your expedition.



Day 1: Camping and fishing at the "round saw" rapid(3 km to the camp, light effort)

After flying over the majestic Rupert River and the splendid landscapes of Waskaganish, the launch will be done smoothly upstream of the "round saw" rapid. While you are teasing the fish around this impressive rapid, your guides will set up camp for a first evening of peace of mind that only wilderness can bring.

Day 2: 4 Aces Rapids Section (11 km, 12 rapids, Classes II to VI, easy portage, moderate to sustained effort)

Energize yourself with a good breakfast, because it's full on! On this first day of downhill, you will encounter a series of rapids from classes II to VI that will take you to the 4 Aces rapid. After this day you camp close to the rodeo roller where the kayakers will delight while others can admire the enchanting scenery.

Day 3: Fishing, surfing and relaxing on Wilson Island (Class III roller wave)

The camp site on Wilson Island is very cozy due to the vegetation there. You will really feel on vacation. You can also surf, fish, or photograph the nature of the great north.

Day 4: Section of the Tupatukasi fall and the second rodeo roller (22 km, 13 rapids, Classes II to VI A portage Sustained effort)

Superb rapids from class II to V will guide you to the spectacular Tupatukasi Falls. After a portage to the bottom of the fall, you will cross a long 11 km of water aboard the raft. You will then descend other Class III-IV rapids to the spa camp site. There you will find a second rodeo roller. You can practice your cartwheels or relax in the whirlpools of the spa.

Day 5: Rest day at the spa (class II roller wave)

A second day of well deserved rest before the end of this trip. This superb camping site will give you the chance to recharge your batteries, share a last meal with friends and exchange the anecdotes of your adventure under the stars.

Day 6: Rapids, rapids and ... return (30 km, 21 rapids, Classes I to IV, moderate effort)

Smile! Even if this day marks the end of the expedition, you will not be disappointed. You will descend a series of long class III rapids, followed by a few class II, before a last glance on Northern Quebec aboard the seaplane that will take you back to Waskaganish.

6 days package inclus :

    • Seaplane transport from the rendez-vous point to expedition launch point
    • Paddle, helmet and lifejacket
    • A professional guide
    • A safety kayaker
    • Meals included

Price :

    • No Expedition is schedule in 2023